Clean & Polish

Cleaning and polishing your jewellery will bring the sparkle back to it. You can do this at home with warm water and a mild soap, using a soft bristle brushes to remove dirt so as not to scratch the gemstones. Rinse well and use a non-abrasive, soft, lint-free cloth to dry.

This will look after your jewellery and keep it clean but every now and then it is well worth getting your jewellery professionally cleaned and polished. This includes all your stones being cleaned professionally making them shine the way they should. They will look as good as they did the day you bought them. In the case of white gold items, they will get re-rhodium plated to make it sparkle again. This is something that can be done by our expert Goldsmith in our own in-store workshop.

You will be surprised what a difference a professional clean and polish will make.... or your money back!