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  • Citrine and Topaz, the birthstones for the month of November, are probably best known for their warm yellow and golden hues, and for having been mistakenly identified as the same stone for centuries. The name “Topaz” was overused widely, to describe an array of beautiful yellow and gold coloured ... View Post
  • We've all had a moment when we've looked down at our ring, or checked our hair in the mirror, and noticed that either there is a diamond missing from the ring, or that an earring which was meant to be in your ear was missing and you no longer have a pair of studs. Horror!! What do you do? View Post
  • Diamonds signify enduring love with their unmatched strength and beauty. Their versatile look means they can be worn with anything from a cocktail dress to jeans. The vast majority of engagement rings contain this most esteemed of all stones, but how did we arrive at the point where the betrothal of a couple is marked by the giving of a diamond ring? View Post