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  • We've all had a moment when we've looked down at our ring, or checked our hair in the mirror, and noticed that either there is a diamond missing from the ring, or that an earring which was meant to be in your ear was missing and you no longer have a pair of studs. Horror!! What do you do? View Post
  • Diamonds signify enduring love with their unmatched strength and beauty. Their versatile look means they can be worn with anything from a cocktail dress to jeans. The vast majority of engagement rings contain this most esteemed of all stones, but how did we arrive at the point where the betrothal of a couple is marked by the giving of a diamond ring? View Post
  • Diamonds are graded on a colour chart from D, which is the clearest and brightest of all stones with no hue to it, through to Z which would be classified as a ‘fancy colour’ stone. To the naked eye it isn’t possible to see the difference between three consecutive colour grades, so a D stone would look the same as an E or an F stone.  View Post