Watch Repairs, Servicing & Batteries

Battery Replacement & Pressure Testing

Our same day battery replacement service is available in-store. Battery replacement is carried out by experienced staff who are used to working with high calibre watches. Our high quality leak proof batteries are guaranteed for 12 months however this service carries no guarantee on the water resistancy.

For the more discerning client we offer a “Pressure testing” battery replacement service. This service includes replacement of the battery, replacement of the seals, checking of the movement and timekeeping functions. Ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet. Checking of the bracelet clasp and fittings. Testing of the water resistancy to the original specifications of the watch.

This service offers a 6 month guarantee on the battery and the water resistancy. It is carried out by Robert Openshaw's fully qualified watchmaker in our specialist workshop and typically takes 7-10 days.

Current norms state that a watch can only be called "Water-resistant" if it withstands perspiration, drops of water, rain, or immersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes. Superior levels of water-resistance are generally indicated on the dial or the case in the form of bars of pressure or a depth in meters. Diving watches are subjected to even more stringent tests. They must be capable of being used for at least one hour a day at a depth of 100 meters. It is important to remember that the water-resistance of a watch is tested at a particular point in time and is not guaranteed for life. Any work on the case, or strong changes of temperature (e.g. taking a cold shower after lying in the sun), as well as the ageing of materials can lead to moisture penetrating the most water-resistant watch.


Watch Repair & Servicing

Our watch servicing is 25% CHEAPER than returning directly to the brands in-house service department & doesn't involve Royal Mail and ANY postage! All service work is carried out locally by your brands APPROVED service center. For an estimate, please deduct 25% from the below price lists!!



Water resistance of a Watch

Water Resistant 3 ATM or   30 m

Suitable for everyday use.   Splash/rain resistant. NOT suitable for showering, bathing,   swimming, snorkelling, water related work and fishing.

NOT suitable for diving.

Water Resistant 5 ATM or   50 m

Suitable for swimming, white   water rafting, non-snorkelling water related work, and fishing.

NOT suitable for diving.

Water Resistant 10 ATM   or 100 m

Suitable for recreational   surfing, swimming, snorkelling, sailing and water sports.

NOT suitable for diving.

Water Resistant 20 ATM   or 200 m

Suitable for professional marine   activity, serious surface water sports and skin diving.

Suitable for skin diving.

Diver's 100 m

Minimum ISO standard (ISO 6425)   for scuba diving at depths NOT suitable for saturation   diving.

Diver's 100 m and   150 m watches are generally old(er) watches.

Diver's 200 m or 300 m

Suitable for scuba diving at   depths NOT suitable for saturation diving.

Typical ratings for contemporary   diver's watches.

Diver's 300+ m for   mixed-gas diving

Suitable for saturation   diving (helium enriched environment).

Watches designed for mixed-gas   diving will have the DIVER'S WATCH L M FOR MIXED-GAS DIVING additional   marking to point this out.