COVID-19 // Return of Jewellery Repairs


CLOSURE UPDATE 17/04/20 // following last nights announcement by Domonic Raab, our store will continue to be closed as directed by the UK Goverment.

However, we do hold an item of repair that you may want to be reunited with. 

While we are unable to open our store to customers, we are able to trade online and undertake deliveries. Our website will start taking orders again from Monday 20th April. I intend to do these deliveries myself and carry FULL trade insurance for items in transit.

We currently hold over 100+ Jewellery & Watch repairs. If you would like to have your repair delivered to your home address [within 15 miles of our store] then please follow the instructions below:-

1 - Email your FULL NAME, ADDRESS & "THIS" CONTACT NUMBER TO before 9am Monday 20th April 2020, or use the form at the bottom of this page. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR HOME ADDRESS IN THE MESSAGE.

2 - Once we have worked out a delivery route by area, we will contact you to take card payment for your repair by telephone & advise an approximate delivery time.

3 - On delivery, your repair will be placed on your doorstep in a rigid bag and I will stand 2-3m back to allow you to pick up. NO ITEM WILL BE LEFT UNATTENDED.

4 - Please check the contents while I am present and give me a 'thumbs up' to confirm receipt.

This service is optional. We are more than happy to continue to store safely & securly your jewellery until lockdown restrictions are lifted and you will be able to then collect in person from our store.

Given the number of repairs we hold, I am unable to guarantee anyone to be the first, and unfortunatly someone will have to be last. I hope to do in small groups by area from Monday 20th April to reduce my travel and it will be purely random.

I hope this helps you at this current time.

Mark Hepworth