For everything you need to check before you jet off on holiday

1) Have your settings checked

Previously jewellery was occasional and ornamental wear but now we wear it every day – just think of the average day pressures that our items endure; knocks, scrapes or smears.  This is why it needs to be secure.

Robert Openshaw offers a complimentary inspection, clean & polish service to ensure your stones are secure prior to travelling.  Preventable holiday damage may deem your travel insurance invalid.

2) Up to Date Insurance Valuation Document

To ensure that you and your insurance company are aware of the current retail price of your loved items and that they are fully covered under your insurance in case of loss, damage or theft whilst away.

3)    Pearls & Beads

If they’re beautiful enough to take, they deserve to be checked for re-threading and re-clasping before take-off.

4)    Check Size

Make sure that holiday diet hasn’t affected your finger size and your rings are secure.  A high percentage of rings can become loose and slip off in the sea. Insurance company small print can question how items were lost – having an ill-fitting ring can be seen as not taking reasonable care.

5)    Holiday Elements

We recommend having items thoroughly cleaned and polished on return to remove any added holiday elements. Sand can scratch and dull gems and metal and sun cream can get under settings.

Things to WATCH out for this holiday season

1)      Watch seals

To ensure that your watch is adequately sealed against moisture ingress you will need to have the rubber seals checked and replaced every 12 months. Robert Openshaw can pressure test your watch to tell you if the seals are doing their job. 

2)      Automatic watches

These watch movements are jewelled and have oil inside, if the watch has not been regularly serviced this begins to dry out and have a detrimental effect on timekeeping and performance. If subjected to hot holiday temperatures this process speeds up considerably so remember to bring your watch into to Robert Openshaw for a routine service.

3)      Winding

Once you have arrived at your destination and changed the hour/date on your timepiece please check that the winder is securely screwed/pushed in to maintain the moisture resistance, the dial will become water and condensation logged if it is submersed in water with the winder in the out position.

4)      Straps

To prolong the life and condition of your fabric or leather strap it is best to avoid contact with water, sun cream, cosmetic products and exposure to strong sunlight.

5)      Swimming

Once you have been swimming in the sea or the chlorine filled pool, rinse the bracelet and watch in fresh warm water so as not to affect the look of the item.